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Ev2 Ventures is a venture capital firm focused on investing in the smart mobility and transportation technology ecosystem. The focus sectors also have a large impact on the environment and people’s lives. This allows us to help bring social impact at venture scale.

For Impact at Venture Scale

Where We Invest

We invest in category-defining mobility startups at early to pre-series A stage. We partner with ambitious entrepreneurs on a rapid growth trajectory and the desire to make a sustainable impact. Our targeted inputs, growth playbook and community of successful mentors enable our portfolio entrepreneurs to get to the next major milestone faster.


We invest at early to pre-series A stages.


Smart Mobility ( Electric Vehicles, Connected Supply Chain, Logistics Technology, Micro-mobility, Agri Supply Chain, Warehousing Tech and Sharing Economy )

Post Investment

Sector focus coupled with deep industry knowledge. We bring highly targeted resources to help you get to the next milestone faster.

Smart Mobility

Smart Mobility is the tech-enabled reinvention of the multi-trillion dollar Transportation and Logistics industry and includes segments such as Electric Vehicles, Connected Supply Chain, Smart Logistics, Micro-mobility, Agri-Tech and the Sharing Economy.

Electric Vehicle Ecosystem: Electric vehicles (EV), EV Battery Technology, EV Drivetrain Technology and EV infrastructure including Charging and Swapping Stations – This includes all technologies working on electrifying mobility in India.

Connected Supply Chain and Smart Logistics: IoT and related technologies disrupting or improving existing supply chains and logistics processes, across Plant, First Mile, Mid Mile and Last Mile transportation.

Warehousing Technology: Advance turnkey innovative solutions for small and medium enterprises to compete in the current delivery timeline, by enabling modern warehouse technology

Agri Supply Chain: Streamlining and consolidating agricultural inputs and outputs across the country where majority of the farmers operate on 2.5 acre land parcels, thereby facilitating the alignment of supply / demand by direct farm-to-fork and enterprise level platforms.

Micro-Mobility and Hyper-Local Delivery: From the movement of people to hyper-local parcel and food delivery.

The Sharing economy – Mobility as a service (MaaS) and the aggregation (sharing) of demand for underutilized transportation assets.

Geographic Focus

Ev2 Ventures invests exclusively in smart mobility startups in India.